Savour the aroma of our story

Benvenuti to Luzzo

We are a 100% Portuguese brand, the result of a unique fusion of rich Italian gastronomy with traditional Portuguese cuisine. Anyone eager to join us on this journey is guaranteed a unique experience.

From the authentic Roman pizza, with its thin and crispy base, to the classic, unmistakable Neapolitan, at Luzzo, you’ll find a range of pizzas made with only fresh ingredients, from the simplest to the most unconventional.

Since we opened the first Luzzo in 2014 in Santa Marta (Lisbon), we have been creating unforgettable memories for diners all over Portugal and now have more than 25 locations across the country.

Our story is as unique as our pizza…

…full of tasty layers and unique ingredients – carefully selected and prepared with great attention to detail.

At Luzzo, we’re about more than just pizzas and pasta. We serve up special moments that will remain etched on your memory for years to come!

Reserva a tua mesa

Melhor do que ter família e/ou os amigos à volta de uma mesa, só mesmo se houver pizza. Escolhe o teu restaurante favorito e diz-nos quando nos queres visitar.

    Direttamente dalla nostra cucina alla tua casa!

    Vamos ter contigo onde e quando quiseres, só precisas de fazer a tua encomenda para delivery através do Uber Eats.
    Se preferires recolher a tua encomenda no restaurante, entra em contacto diretamente com a Luzzo mais próxima e faz o teu pedido para takeaway.