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Pizzaria Luzzo, LDA. wholly respects the privacy and rights of data subjects. At all times, the company acts in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection legislation.

When you provide personal data during your visit to this site, they will be processed by Luzzo for website management purposes.

You are advised to read this Privacy Policy before you visit this site and provide any personal data. If you continue to browse this website, you are tacitly accepting our Privacy Policy and Luzzo’s use of your personal data.

Luzzo aims to ensure that users of this website are aware of the rules and principles regarding the protection and processing of personal data, as well as to ensure, as far as is possible, the security of these data. The company will always act in accordance with the norms and procedures defined in the applicable legislation on the processing and protection of personal data. It also implements strict security procedures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data. These include technical and organisational security measures that are necessary and sufficient to protect personal data from unauthorised use, destruction, loss, access, and disclosure or any other form of unlawful use.

It is Pizzaria Luzzo policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect on our website.

These measures include security mechanisms and procedures that are designed to protect personal data, such as the secure collection of personal data, the use of firewalls and of systems for detecting unauthorised access to such data. They also ensure access to such data and operation logs is restricted, operation logs are monitored and that data are encrypted, among other protections. In overall terms, they seek to ensure the security of these data and to identify under what circumstances and for what purpose they are used and by whom.

Therefore, this website is governed by a comprehensive personal data privacy policy and only operates in Portugal.




Reserva a tua mesa

Melhor do que ter família e/ou os amigos à volta de uma mesa, só mesmo se houver pizza. Escolhe o teu restaurante favorito e diz-nos quando nos queres visitar.

    Direttamente dalla nostra cucina alla tua casa!

    Vamos ter contigo onde e quando quiseres, só precisas de fazer a tua encomenda para delivery através do Uber Eats.
    Se preferires recolher a tua encomenda no restaurante, entra em contacto diretamente com a Luzzo mais próxima e faz o teu pedido para takeaway.