Hot news: we have a new menu

NOTÍCIAS | 14/02/2024

The time has come for us to share some exciting news with all our Luzzo customers: we have a new mouthwatering menu to tell you about.

We promised that, for the year in which we celebrate Luzzo’s 10th birthday, there would be plenty of new goodies, so it’s time to present our new menu.

One of the most exciting features of the new menu is what we have done to our pizza bases, which we have made healthier than ever. They are now crafted using a mix of healthier and fibre-rich premium flours that are slow-fermented – sourdough.

Romans & Neapolitans alike, accept our invitation and come and try out our new pizza bases.

But that’s not all our news!

To make sure you start your meal off right, we have dreamed up some new starters: Bruschetta del Pastore, Mozzarella and Garlic Rolls, and real Italian Focaccia, with olive oil and rosemary.

And to finish on a high note, we’ve added an irresistible dessert to our menu: Chocolate Mousse with chopped peanuts and sea salt.

We’re pretty sure your mouth must be watering by now, so here’s a special invitation: come join us and enjoy everything new we have to offer, in our welcoming company.

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