Pizzaria Luzzo’s Special Autumn menu is here!

NOTÍCIAS | 08/01/2024

From 31 October to 31 December, Luzzo is sharing a special autumn menu with its guests that features unique dishes perfect for this time of year.

This seasonal menu offers a selection of delicious dishes which highlight the fusion of Italian and Portuguese culture and aim to provide our visitors with a unique dining experience.

The Pizza Rosmarino is the star of the autumn menu, crafted with fresh, carefully selected ingredients that set off a flavour explosion evocative of the season’s welcoming, aromatic spirit: tomato, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, sautéed portobello mushrooms and rosemary.

And since every journey with Luzzo is always unique, this one ends sweetly with the Delizia d’Autonno dessert, a confection of mascarpone and honey, green apples, sweet and salted almonds, and cinnamon.

This menu aims to amaze our guests as another example of continuous innovation, but it especially seeks to share the importance of using seasonal ingredients for sustainability and for our visitors’ palates.

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