Luzzo: A Decade of Flavour and Success

NOTÍCIAS | 08/01/2024

As we arrive at the cusp of celebrating our tenth anniversary, we wish to thank all those who have been part of this decade of flavour and success.

Our story began on 9 January 2014, at the Pizzaria Luzzo on Rua de Santa Marta, where for the first time we wowed our guests with the unmistakeable aroma of our pizzas and the unique flavours of our dishes.

Since then, our journey has been an extraordinary one, impossible without the help of everyone who has been part of it. Currently, we have 26 locations all over the country, and our goal is to open up even more so that we can keep sharing what we do best.

As we get closer to celebrating this historic decade, we can’t help but look back and express gratitude to all the teams, guests and followers who’ve supported us and participated in our immensely flavourful journey.

However, we also owe a very special thank you to our franchisees. Every day they work hard to publicise the brand and elevate the dining experience offered to our guests.

This 10-year milestone is also an opportunity for us to lay out our future goals: continue surprising taste buds, dream up innovative combinations and flavours and, above all, share special moments at the table.

A big thank you goes out to all those who have made and contributed to Luzzo’s gastronomic story. Together, we’re celebrating 10 years of passion for pizza, for sharing and for constantly seeking to go above and beyond. Here’s to many more years of unforgettable flavours!

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